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What the SME is… The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is an organization that spans the globe and now includes more than 65,000 members, with more than 240 student chapters. Founded in 1932, the SME continues its mission in serving its members and the international manufacturing community through further advancement in knowledge and professionalism.


Who Can Join?… The SME welcomes students (and non-students) in any sort of manufacturing, engineering, or related field; Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Metallurgical, Materials, Civil–these are just a few of the engineering disciplines that the Society of Manufacturing Engineers welcomes. For students, the cost is twenty dollars ($20.00) per year, and a brief two (2) page applicationĀ must be filled out.


What’s In it for me?… If you have any interest in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), machinery, mechanics, computer numerical controlled machining (CNC), and of course manufacturing, then the SME is for you. As a chapter member, you will:

 --go on plant tours, --attend regional meetings and meet real-world engineers, --participate in E-Day activities, --being an active member of the SME looks just fine on a job resume --FREE, informative magazine(s); Check out this link for the available magazines. and perhaps most important, as a Chapter member, --you'll "network" with professors and others with similar interests. What's more, is that while a student member of the SME, --you will be granted the opportunity to take the certification exam to become a certified Manufacturing Engineer or Technologist for fifty dollars ($50) that's much less than those who wait until graduation to take the exam.

….all this for a annual fee of $20.